Is Automation Sinking You?

Are you underwater already because of automation?

There’s an article on LinkedIn Pulse, Recruitment industry will die in 2018 which has been quite the conversation piece and stirred the passions.

It’s foreboding news for recruiters that have a vested interest in perpetuating their jobs. The author compares what is happening in talent recruitment to the role of travel agents before the internet. Automation has changed the requirement for human beings to do a job that machines can do with much higher efficiency and better results.

On the one hand, we can feel a bit of anguish at the thought of people losing jobs. Of course, those jobs existed to meet a market need, albeit an inefficient one when compared to what is possible with automation today.

Many innovations are ready to go but are delayed by public sentiment. We see the rollout of fast food kiosks in the face of minimum wage hikes. The technology has been there for quite some time and the timing is becoming more digestible in the face of economic pressures.

We went through this revolution already in the factory setting with robots and high speed manufacturing. Perhaps we were less alarmed because those jobs made sense to automate.

When it comes to information management, repetitive workflows and clerical functions, human beings, with their inconsistencies and contrasting slowness, bottleneck the production process.

So, if automation is knocking at the door in your industry and about to sink you, how about looking at where the higher level requirements exist? Think about what is not repetitive and takes creative thought.

Machines are excellent at working with rules and repetition. And we use technology today to create efficiencies and compete as we should.

But sitting around hoping that automation will not overtake you is desperation. The economy is moving at blazing pace the the drumbeat of progress. The time to reinvent yourself and ensure you are positioned to leverage automation, rather than simply be overtaken by it, is now. There’s a much higher probability that what you are doing today will completely change in a short time.

How can you get ahead of automation and increase your value now?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I grow businesses through partnerships and executive coaching. I work with partners and clients on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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