Be Ready for Opportunity

Opportunity tends to be all around you. Have you ever thought that the people you randomly meet you likely have 5 opportunities together? But you have to:

  1. Care enough to listen carefully
  2. Understand what the other person is all about
  3. Match what you do with what they need
  4. Look for the convergence points

It’s too bad most people miss opportunities all the time. Often times I see the classic reasons why:

  1. They are always putting out fires
  2. They don’t use their downtime strategically to get ready. They waste it on meaningless activities
  3. They are not looking for opportunities
  4. They underestimate other people

You can’t control what comes in and out of your life. You can certainly increase the probabilities of who you will meet and what you will come across. If you move to Hollywood you greatly increase your odds of running into someone that is producing a movie. Move to Nashville and you will bump into someone in the music scene.

Artists understand they have to show up. And they work to be ready for that lucky break.

It’s no different in other sectors of life. We can fall asleep at the wheel by noticing or just going through the motions getting necessary or unnecessary work done. But the opportunities will come by us often without much fanfare or announcement.

What we can do is control our preparation and be strategic by being ready. Ready means you have your life together so that you can act when the time is right. Having your world together also keeps your mind at peace and you can see things beyond crises and distractions. You are elevated in your thinkings.

I always emphasize readiness by keep the decks clear. It’s a strategy that keeps my mind free from things that don’t matter and when opportunity does come, I can see it and move swiftly and precisely to engage.

How can you be more ready than you are?

Published by Don Dalrymple

I partner with founders and entrepreneurs in startup businesses. I write and consult on strategy, systems, team building and growing revenue.

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