Making Ideas Work in Reality

I have a lot of fun every day designing things to work in reality. Researching, pulling technology together and finding talent to execute is something I have done for many years, and it is still gratifying to watch a system, process and team work. I don’t know, perhaps it’s a form of art or someContinue reading “Making Ideas Work in Reality”

Fooled by Heroics

  We do not tend to give compliments or recognition for, “Look what I prevented from happening.” It’s simply not how our brains work. Yes, we have heard the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” However, who do you observe living this out consistently? When crises happens,Continue reading “Fooled by Heroics”

The Terrible Idea of Trying Harder

It is true that when we find ourselves in a hole, the first thing we should do is stop digging. Sometimes that pull to keep digging or keep trying harder can overwhelm our sensibilities. Instead of being smarter, we simply add horsepower and determination. It’s a terrible idea. When something’s not working despite your honest,Continue reading “The Terrible Idea of Trying Harder”

One Problem Two Solutions

If you are a business owner or manager, you have the ongoing challenge of solving daily problems with your team. Inevitably, people will bring problems to you. And how you handle those requests becomes a signal to the people on your team of what to expect. What you communicate¬†will be one of two items: IContinue reading “One Problem Two Solutions”

Solve Problems By Detaching

We are all trying to get something more and get problems solved every day. And a counterintuitive approach to problem solving is often to get away from your problems. I like to get away to remote and serene places to get my mind off of things. It opens things up rather than converges. I getContinue reading “Solve Problems By Detaching”