Design for Quick Feedback

“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth” – Mike Tyson The great thing about business is that you can test ideas quickly to see if what you think or want to do is valuable. Small tests done quickly to get feedback from customers will go a long way towards pursuing orContinue reading “Design for Quick Feedback”

The Terrible Idea of Trying Harder

It is true that when we find ourselves in a hole, the first thing we should do is stop digging. Sometimes that pull to keep digging or keep trying harder can overwhelm our sensibilities. Instead of being smarter, we simply add horsepower and determination. It’s a terrible idea. When something’s not working despite your honest,Continue reading “The Terrible Idea of Trying Harder”


I don’t think too highly of simply working harder at something, especially if you are pointed in the wrong direction. It’s easy to turn off the brain and keep charging at what we are doing. The awareness to look up and think about where you are headed can feel slippery and uncomfortable. Our habits canContinue reading “Repointing”

You Can Always Have a Baseline

Entrepreneurship and selling is hard business. The ambiguity and uncertainty can stump many people who are used to a well-paved path. Do this and you get that. Just tell me what to do. You may know what makes money now. That’s a great thing to have. It may become boring over time, but for now,Continue reading “You Can Always Have a Baseline”