Get Your Customer To Think

Many of us are playing out a script as buyers. We have our guard up and our default reaction to an offer is to decline or say, “No,” before a seller can even explain what they do. Just try observing the salespeople peddling their wares at the mall to passerby shoppers. You may be sellingContinue reading “Get Your Customer To Think”

Desperate Times Do Not Call For Desperate Measures

In baseball, it is known that major league players, though they are at the highest echelon of their profession, always go through slumps.  They may go through a drought of hitting whereas they had had streaks of success in the past.  It is in those times that baseball players get back to the fundamentals.  TheyContinue reading “Desperate Times Do Not Call For Desperate Measures”

Make Me Feel Important

Everyone has a deep need which they are seeking to fulfill.  We all need to feel important.  Watch anyone, and if you can identify what makes the person feel important, you will know what motivates the person. Your customer, your boss, your family and your friends either have a good or bad relationship with youContinue reading “Make Me Feel Important”

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