Get Your Customer To Think

Many of us are playing out a script as buyers. We have our guard up and our default reaction to an offer is to decline or say, “No,” before a seller can even explain what they do. Just try observing the salespeople peddling their wares at the mall to passerby shoppers. You may be sellingContinue reading “Get Your Customer To Think”

When Your Customer Is Ready

Your customer is rarely ready now. They may be ready in time if you remain relevant; however, this takes work and care. Work is in the way you communicate and deliver what is valuable with your prospective buyer. Care comes in the way you own the problems your buyer has. It has much less toContinue reading “When Your Customer Is Ready”

Stopping the Insanity

After thousands of hours of consulting with clients, I am convinced. Most people and organizations continue with insanity. They do the repeatedly ineffective things and expect a different result. They keep saying silly things like, “I need more sales.” and “I want more customers” without thinking through why a person buys. They are thinking aboutContinue reading “Stopping the Insanity”

A Resolution To Remember Your Customer

Happy New Year!  It is a time of reflection and a time of looking forward.  I know there are many who want to forget the last year and many also who have much to be grateful for.  Whichever part of the economy you are in, there is still nothing which prevents you from going afterContinue reading “A Resolution To Remember Your Customer”

Serving Your Customer Well

If you can slow down enough to listen, if you can focus on something outside yourself, you will see that people are carrying immense burdens. Everyone is trying to solve some problem. Everyone has problems, whether rich or poor, struggling or successful. The problems merely change forms. Your customer has problems. Have you ever thoughtContinue reading “Serving Your Customer Well”

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