10 Ways We Manage Projects For Change Management

We work on many types of projects with our clients around the world.  Today’s project management is so much different than before the internet and integrated online software caused the world to move fast…much faster.  Our team takes full advantage of the cloud, and we have an effective approach to how we manage projects.  We thoughtContinue reading “10 Ways We Manage Projects For Change Management”

3 B2B Marketing Automation Trust Building Requirements

Designing the steps for your buyer to proceed towards engaging requires an attention to key steps.  Focusing on the nuance of your buying system from the perspective of your buyer determines whether they will proceed down a process which works or is wanting. Marketing Automation System Steps Assume that any visitor to your landing siteContinue reading “3 B2B Marketing Automation Trust Building Requirements”

Business Testimonials: 7 Marketing Tips And Strategies

The most powerful way to win new customers is through the business testimonial.  This is a form of building trust.  It tells the story of how you delivered your products or services and what it means to work with you.  New customers do not know you and are looking for what it will be likeContinue reading “Business Testimonials: 7 Marketing Tips And Strategies”

Conversions And Clicks

Try Googling anyone in your field.  Look at the results and see how similar everyone appears.  This is your buyer’s experience.  They have access to choice from a simple search and start the buying process far before you ever have the opportunity to meet with them. Some companies understand that buying starts with search.  TheyContinue reading “Conversions And Clicks”

When Business Gets Fun

I love making deals happen. It is extremely invigorating for me. In my experience, I have made some great deals, and I have made some poor ones. At the end of the day, business is about agreements. Whether you are an employee or an owner, you are constantly making agreements. The times when business becomesContinue reading “When Business Gets Fun”

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