Troy Carter of Lady Gaga and Atom Factory Kept Learning and Unlearning

I like spending the weekends thinking, learning and relaxing. The weeks are such a grind and intensive with deal making and doing business. Today, I was having some reflections on the NPR podcast, How I Build This: Lady Gaga & Atom Factory: Troy Carter. I embedded it above and you can find the transcript here. Troy CarterContinue reading “Troy Carter of Lady Gaga and Atom Factory Kept Learning and Unlearning”

Give Them What They Want

If you spend most of your time trying to convince people of what they need, you may be in for a highly expensive and wasteful lesson from the marketplace. I get it. When you have an idea that you love, you think others should love it as well. But, we have to take heed ofContinue reading “Give Them What They Want”

Valuable Skills in the Automation Economy

I have shared about the need to unlearn and reinvent continually because of market forces all around you and the pace of change. Once you see something that was once hard become convenient, commoditized and automated, you have to unlearn and relearn. I think that the Harvard Business Review has it right with the kind ofContinue reading “Valuable Skills in the Automation Economy”

Hell Yeah! or No Works

I read Derek Sivers’ mantra years ago, “Either ‘Hell Yeah!’ or ‘no.” It’s a fantastic way to live and do business. Most things don’t work out. And a lot of time, money and relational equity can be wasted when taking on what appears to be good projects or endeavors, but they are not necessarily the bestContinue reading “Hell Yeah! or No Works”

Pay the Price

“The good things in life cost what they cost. The unnecessary things are not worth it at any price. The key is being aware of the difference.” ~ Ryan Holiday, The Daily Stoic This is a fantastic reminder in today’s Daily Stoic reading. We all pay for things and what we spend on becomes part of who weContinue reading “Pay the Price”

Be Productive With Others To Get What You Want

It can feel harsh to accept the common maxims you hear: There is no free lunch. Noone owes you anything. Value for value. However, if you observe these statements happening in reality with human nature, it can be extremely empowering for you personally. You are not spending all your time trying to change the worldContinue reading “Be Productive With Others To Get What You Want”

Leveling Up

Nothing lasts forever. And today, that’s especially true. It can be unsettling to always be on the move when the temptation is to rest on your laurels. Noone cares about you more than you. And it’s important to take complete ownership of your own personal growth, development and opportunities. You have to continually be levelingContinue reading “Leveling Up”

It Used to Work and Now It Doesn’t

If you haven’t read business biographies like Derek Sivers of CD Baby or Elon Musk of PayPal fame, it’s well worth the time. There’s a bit of nostalgia as I think back to the 90’s and early 2000’s and what life was like just a short time ago. We didn’t have a world of iPhones,Continue reading “It Used to Work and Now It Doesn’t”

Focus on the Deal First, Then the Details

I have done many types of deals over the years. I have sold services, created venture opportunities for myself and clients, partnered, started businesses, launched new products and have helped people along the way who needed a little more vision or strategy. I can see deals that others can’t see and can see the myriad ofContinue reading “Focus on the Deal First, Then the Details”

Fooled by Heroics

  We do not tend to give compliments or recognition for, “Look what I prevented from happening.” It’s simply not how our brains work. Yes, we have heard the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” However, who do you observe living this out consistently? When crises happens,Continue reading “Fooled by Heroics”