Buyers Start By Research

When we want something, we start by research.  Sellers are so eager to sell that they have their sales process set up around a buy now approach.  Unless the pain is high, your ability to sell with this approach will be ineffective.  You might have better luck if you had full attention and were exclusive.Continue reading “Buyers Start By Research”

The Unseen Buyer

The information age has made things that were previously cumbersome easy. It is easy to get information. It is easy to find out how things work. It is easy to buy. This has shifted the leverage between buyers and sellers. Previously, buyers relied on expert salespeople to provide information about the sophisticated products and servicesContinue reading “The Unseen Buyer”

Paying the Brain Bill

We can all remember the tedious task of researching information in the not too distant past. We had to use the card catalog at a library in lieu of a database to find what we were looking for. The newspaper was delivered every day to our doors to feed us information that we accepted asContinue reading “Paying the Brain Bill”

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