Continuous Change And Reinvention

It is easy to get confused and delirious with all the marketing fads.  Marketing and sales executives are looking for ways to drive demand and revenue.  The frequency and speed of change can siphon us into the barrage of tools in marketing automation, social media, CRM and web technologies.  It is fast, furious and relentlessContinue reading “Continuous Change And Reinvention”

Three Inbound Marketing Pieces For Success

Winning today requires an inbound marketing strategy.  Let’s assume you have stopped the insanity and want to help people buy rather than bug them trying to sell them.  Buying works.  Selling is desperation.  Your products and services are more likely than ever to be bought than sold. Here are the three parts of an effectiveContinue reading “Three Inbound Marketing Pieces For Success”

Who Is Making Money Today?

It’s not 1985 anymore.  At that time, you were a good boy or girl for following orders and maintaining the status quo.  The reason is that the world around you was linear.  It was ok to stand still back then.  The whole ecosystem – your vendors, customers, co-workers, bosses – could not affect you withContinue reading “Who Is Making Money Today?”

Prospering Without Cleanup Duty

“Where no oxen are, the trough is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox.” This is a proverb of the famed King Solomon. He is speaking about two types of mindsets in life – those who want a clean trough and those who want increase. Everything you and I are doingContinue reading “Prospering Without Cleanup Duty”

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