Salesforce Conga Merge For Document Automation

Document automation in is a powerful way to automate parts of your workflow.  If you are seeking to get a proposal out to a prospect or send a non-disclosure agreement, the terms, conditions and varying fields can merge with pre-designed documents in a library. Our Salesforce consultants continually refine organizational processes.  The tedium ofContinue reading “Salesforce Conga Merge For Document Automation”

Three Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices Lead management should facilitate an easy process for your sales team to collaborate and close a sale.  Your roadmap process should have decision points for your system to follow as new leads are engaged with your sales process.  Here are three key lead management tips shared from our own consulting: Tip 1:Continue reading “Three Salesforce Lead Management Best Practices”

Salesforce Enterprise Edition: When To Upgrade

Generally speaking, we advise our consulting clients to start with Professional Edition.  This edition is at $65 per user per month.  You can always upgrade later if you require more features.  However, you cannot downgrade. Most organizations do not require an upgrade to Enterprise Edition.  Those that do tend to are larger, more-complex businesses,Continue reading “Salesforce Enterprise Edition: When To Upgrade”

Salesforce Consulting: Customization Of Task Subject Fields

Designing sales process in our consulting requires a way to capture activities for reporting.  Management dashboards can then be used to align sales and service processes.  Customization of the task subject field in is an ideal area to: Help your users with recording activities consistently Increase user productivity Keep alignment on process executionContinue reading “Salesforce Consulting: Customization Of Task Subject Fields”

Salesforce Data Migration data migration is a complex and rigorous process depending on the originating CRM database.  As consultants, there may be a transition from another CRM system we have to manage for launching a new system. We have developed a data migration strategy over the years and we wanted to share our approach here.  EachContinue reading “Salesforce Data Migration” Chatter On The Super Bowl

If you did not catch the Chatter commercial on the Super Bowl ads last night, you can view the Black Eyed Peas Chatter commercial here.  The halftime show was full of energy and artistry as would be expected. took advantage of the millions of viewers to get their message out to the masses.Continue reading “ Chatter On The Super Bowl”

Content Marketing Using Salesforce

Great content provided in the early stages of your sales process helps your buyers become more aware of your offering.  In our consulting, setting up the communications process with prospective buyers requires a focus on content marketing.  Your sales team can gain great advantage by distributing content via email templates and monitoring theContinue reading “Content Marketing Using Salesforce”

Salesforce As The Interruption Killer

Salesforce increases productivity by forcing a culture of tasks, communication and collaboration.  The cost of an interruption is typically 15-20 minutes of lost productivity.  In our humanity, we are limited by finite attention.  It is difficult to refocus when we are interrupted.  We can only focus on one thing at at time. The Cloud OrganizationContinue reading “Salesforce As The Interruption Killer” Project Management is often thought of as solely for the sales process.  What happens after the sale is the fulfillment of your sale.  This may be a service or delivery of your product.  Either way, you move from sales to operations.  It is typically a project management focus.  Your operations typically takes a handoff from yourContinue reading “ Project Management”

3 Salesforce Consulting Implementation Success Tips Consulting Success Tips Salesforce Consulting is a process which is focused heavily on collaboration between you and your consulting partner.  It is a combination of process work, IT, management consulting and project management.  Here are three ways to ensure your engagement helps you get to your goals: Clarify Requirements: Ensure you and your SalesforceContinue reading “3 Salesforce Consulting Implementation Success Tips”