Building the Boring Business

I enjoy drama, action and suspense when I watch a movie to relax and let my mind and emotions wander. However, I don’t find heroics and craziness entertaining or useful in business. In fact, my goal with entrepreneurs and business owners is to build a boring business based on systems, processes and execution that produces consistentContinue reading “Building the Boring Business”

Create More Options and Stop Working Harder

When you are not getting the results you want, is it better to try harder or diversify your options? While there are myriad circumstances, when the law of averages governs the game you are playing, more options, attempts and scenarios can be a strategic move. Instead of working hard on one relationship build a hundred more withContinue reading “Create More Options and Stop Working Harder”

Unburden Yourself

I cannot overstate the value and pleasure of an unburdened life and clear mind. It’s too easy to overcomplicate our lives with so many things that simply do not matter. I have observed the reality that Robert Ringer puts forth about human nature: Human beings, by nature, tend to seek ways to complicate their lives. GivenContinue reading “Unburden Yourself”

Don’t Waste Your Time and Commit to Personal Growth

It sure is easy to get distracted. No doubt you can zone out with so many entertainment venues that are accessible. But while you are snoozing, there are so many people that are committed to personal growth in their downtime that are getting ahead. Think about the reality of the high-tech world we live in. WillContinue reading “Don’t Waste Your Time and Commit to Personal Growth”

Strategies to Hack Uncertainty

Everything you know right now probably won’t be intact in a few years. There are too many changes and forces that are acting on your present version of reality. And the pace is only picking up. Simply look at people’s LinkedIn and see how fast they are switching jobs. Or do your research on wages,Continue reading “Strategies to Hack Uncertainty”

Skip the Line and Take Smartcuts

Shane Snow’s Smartcuts is an excellent read to get you off your mundane thinking tracks and moving laterally towards results. The insights from case studies of those hackers that have skipped the line and percolated up inspire and inform those that want to figure out how to get results fast with creativity and lateral thinking. InContinue reading “Skip the Line and Take Smartcuts”

Distractions Cost You

Making lots of tiny choices depletes one’s subsequent self-control. ~ Shane Snow, Smartcuts I get worn out during a workday simply from death by a thousand cuts. Those thousand cuts take the form of the myriad decisions I am confronted with relentlessly. What do I eat? What do I wear? What do I do today? ShouldContinue reading “Distractions Cost You”

Work Less

There’s a viral article at Medium, This Morning Routine will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week. The overall thought is that our workdays are antiquated. Where you work, how long you labor, and the fact that your energy levels approach diminishing returns are valid constraints to take into account in our brave new world. What if youContinue reading “Work Less”

Be Smarter On Your Cycles

I agree with Socrates’ famous lines, The unexamined life is not worth living. After all, simply continuing to repeat mistakes and not recognizing the opportunities to make something different happen is tragic, at best. You have likely seen the ebb and flow of your business cycles, relationships and even cash flow. There are market moods,Continue reading “Be Smarter On Your Cycles”


I don’t think too highly of simply working harder at something, especially if you are pointed in the wrong direction. It’s easy to turn off the brain and keep charging at what we are doing. The awareness to look up and think about where you are headed can feel slippery and uncomfortable. Our habits canContinue reading “Repointing”