Driving Inbound Marketing In Loopfuse

Inbound Marketing With Loopfuse Closed loop marketing involves seeing information within and through the sales funnel. Your different marketing channels constitute costs in terms of dollars and effort. Measuring this within Loopfuse can be done with the inbound marketing tool sets provided in Loopfuse in real-time. Referring Sites The feedback loop on your referring sitesContinue reading “Driving Inbound Marketing In Loopfuse”

Lead Scoring

Your buyer interacts with your brand and value proposition with often unseen behaviors. They click, read, examine, search and react to your message. In the past, the buyer was expected to serve themselves by coming to your website and feast on depths of information presented in a brochure fashion. Today, because of the lack ofContinue reading “Lead Scoring”

Everyone Is Not Your Customer

Not all prospects are equal. Just because someone visited your site or store, does not mean you have permission to engage them. A portion of them will at some point give this permission based on their preferences and requests. The others will react negatively towards unsolicited marketing advances. We should know this because we areContinue reading “Everyone Is Not Your Customer”

Increasing Conversion

The temptation is to focus on selling.  This means throwing more money at how to generate leads.  However, if those leads engage in an ineffective process with your organization and value proposition, then it’s like rowing harder with a hole in your boat.  Patching the boat should be the priority first.  It is easy toContinue reading “Increasing Conversion”

Content Is King

Because of our increasing inattention, hype, fluff and gimmicks only distract buyers today.  Think about how you buy.  You start with some kind of pain.  It takes the form of: Lacking something Needing something Desiring something Pursuing something Before the internet, we were handicapped.  We needed to know our options and companies who could distributeContinue reading “Content Is King”

Thinking Instead Of Reacting

It is rare to find someone thinking.  Sure, there are plenty of people who can react.  That is the norm. Instead of depending on charisma and last minute work, what if you thought through a true selling process?  What if you thought about what the ultimate buying experience could look like? Perhaps, the lack ofContinue reading “Thinking Instead Of Reacting”