Loopfuse Trackable Lead Activity Notifications

Living in a real-time world makes feedback and information a premium.  Marketing automation provides the intelligence for your decision making in the sales process as buyer activities are recorded. A marketing automation strategy to incorporate for higher levels of success in Loopfuse is to enable and leverage trackable lead activities.  At any time, a salespersonContinue reading “Loopfuse Trackable Lead Activity Notifications”

Targeted Marketing Required

Why would you choose a method other than targeted marketing?  Today, if you are selling and marketing like the old days, then there may be several reasons why you choose mass vs. specific targeted marketing.  Here are some of those reasons: Ignorance of Targeted Marketing You do not know about the systems for marketing automationContinue reading “Targeted Marketing Required”

Redefining The Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline goes beyond what the salesperson does.  Traditional sales relies heavily on phone or face time with a prospect.  The sales pipeline is then based on opportunities filled with sales activities by a salesperson who has to interrupt enough people and stoke their interest for a future close date.  The sales manager thenContinue reading “Redefining The Sales Pipeline”

Selling Harder Is Old School

Nobody likes to be sold.  We do not like it when we feel the pressure build and a feeling of manipulation from another. Yet, millions of transactions are done despite this dislike.  It largely happens because people are buying.  Every day people buy because they want things when they need them or feel compelled byContinue reading “Selling Harder Is Old School”

What Matters? Marketing or Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has been growing because marketing in the new economy has changed from a selling process to a buying process.  Marketing Automation Software Guide sent me an article on a new acronym, RPM, or Revenue Performance Management.  There has been millions of dollars already invested in the shorthand for marketing automation.  It’s expensive toContinue reading “What Matters? Marketing or Marketing Automation?”

Loopfuse Content Marketing Call To Actions

Loopfuse will not generate demand by itself any more than a car will win a NASCAR race without a driver and a team.  It is world-class technology which can translate to millions of dollars of revenue for the right team operating and building the right campaigns inside of it. Marketing Automation Is The Middle LoopfuseContinue reading “Loopfuse Content Marketing Call To Actions”

4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices

Content marketing is critical for winning new business today.  Awareness of your products or services and the required education therein are dependent on buyers finding relevant information.  Your content should prepare a buyer for engaging your sales process.  Naturally, they will want to delay this until they feel ready.  The internet allows buyers an abundantContinue reading “4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices”

Niche Marketing Strategy For Inbound Marketing

If your offering is not a mass market appeal, then your niche marketing strategy needs to position your brand for a specific, narrow and identified buyer.  There are brands that appeal to the mass market.  GE light bulbs, Xerox copiers, Dell laptops and the New York Times are focused on the masses.  If brands likeContinue reading “Niche Marketing Strategy For Inbound Marketing”

Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process

Your sales process is about you, not about your buyer.  How soon did you want to talk to a salesperson on your last major purchase?  It was likely much later, not sooner.  The reason is that we all know once we engage a salesperson, we are going to be harassed.  This is by design.  TheContinue reading “Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process”