3 Inbound Marketing Customer Experience Strategies

We often think that the customer experience commences when we are servicing a person. How they are handled at the cash register, try our products out or serviced for needs tends to draw our focus to provide caring service. Much of the last decade emphasized this kind of personal attention. With the accessibility of informationContinue reading “3 Inbound Marketing Customer Experience Strategies”

Stop Trying To Cheat Google

It amazes me how many people spend energy and time trying to find workarounds to getting found or a sale rather than doing the hard work characteristic of those that truly pay the price. It’s almost like watching someone who is a cheat that would be better off getting a job. The latter would provideContinue reading “Stop Trying To Cheat Google”

Old Marketing Still Persists

I saw this stack of yellow pages. They were pristine and untouched in a mall after a full day. Noone took one. Why would they? I see the yellow pages thrown out on streets when they are distributed. On a rainy day, the pages mulch up from the moisture. Why still kill trees to getContinue reading “Old Marketing Still Persists”

Innovation Is Marketing Success

At the core of our business, we are innovators. We do not seek to rest on our laurels and successes. Each success we experience is ultimately a building block. If we continued with marketing strategies from five years ago, much less even a year ago, then we would be on the path to obsolescence. WeContinue reading “Innovation Is Marketing Success”

Marketing Automation Strategy Is The Linchpin

Trying to make marketing automation work in  your sales process starts with the IT work. However, it is only the start of what really matters. Configuring a system and ensuring data flows in and out out of your CRM is a basic element of starting the work to help you see what is happening withContinue reading “Marketing Automation Strategy Is The Linchpin”

The Reality Of Inbound Marketing In 2012

It is a new year and old school sales may have a few holdouts in some slower industries. However, the concept of interrupting people and pushing unsolicited sales messages is fast fading. Look at the bookstores and note the literature. You will not find hit books on how to cold-call better or mass mail withContinue reading “The Reality Of Inbound Marketing In 2012”

Competing On Credibility And Substance

I found Seth Godin’s article on bonus content and multimedia spot on (as usual). The experimentation with using multimedia inside a book has large possibilities. We are enamored with our mobile devices and tablets and their special effects. Seeing bigger budget special effects in movies continues to awe us. However, tampering with the medium ofContinue reading “Competing On Credibility And Substance”

Beware Of The Marketer

Everyone is a marketer today. As the ability to distribute your message has become much easier than in times past, there has been much more noise. Anyone can post, tweet or blog. Thus, everyone is marketing something, whether it is their goods or themselves. While it may feel good to market because of the powerContinue reading “Beware Of The Marketer”

Marketing Process Not Hyped Outcomes

It is all too frequent to witness companies who are caught up in the frenzy of the social bubble. Seth warns about this in his article on social media noise. It’s a good read to hopefully focus people on the substance of connecting and delivering value rather than driving metrics that have nothing to doContinue reading “Marketing Process Not Hyped Outcomes”

Lead Scoring For Sales Prioritization

In our marketing consulting, we are typically faced with one of two problems: There are not enough inbound leads There are too many inbound leads Each of these requires a different marketing system.  For organizations which are inundated with many leads, there is a problem focused around the sales process.  Salespeople are not like marketingContinue reading “Lead Scoring For Sales Prioritization”

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