Less Is Better Marketing Strategy

Unexpectedly, I had an indulging experience today within the busy flow of my work day.  A tweet got my attention, and I bought a book. Let me share a marketing strategy which I see as a new tipping point. Impactful Executive Reading I consume books.  However, it is a time and attention intensive activity —Continue reading “Less Is Better Marketing Strategy”

The Overalls Of Inbound Marketing

The Ultimate Challenge While the challenges of outbound marketing revolved around physical production – paper, billboards, sound, CD’s, phone systems, etc. – the attractions of inbound marketing are its transparency in mediums.  The systems are virtual and scalable for consumption.  The hard part is to ensure it is targeted, measured and effective.  Outproducing your competitionContinue reading “The Overalls Of Inbound Marketing”

Business Testimonials: 7 Marketing Tips And Strategies

The most powerful way to win new customers is through the business testimonial.  This is a form of building trust.  It tells the story of how you delivered your products or services and what it means to work with you.  New customers do not know you and are looking for what it will be likeContinue reading “Business Testimonials: 7 Marketing Tips And Strategies”

How Effective Inbound Marketing Is Done

The Inbound Marketing Approach Today You have two choices with your marketing. You can set up a traditional approach of outbound marketing. This entails contacting potential clients with mailers, calls and advertising. Or you might seek to solicit with your network.  This is interruption and today, we all have means for blocking interruption – callerContinue reading “How Effective Inbound Marketing Is Done”

Missing Sales Opportunities

There is no doubt you can get more sales.  To assume otherwise would mean you have optimized all the possible ways for getting a customer.  It’s astounding how paralyzed most businesses are when the world around them has vividly changed. The old days were about you finding the buyer.  Today, buyers find you.  Buyers useContinue reading “Missing Sales Opportunities”

Losing Your Audience

The battle for clicks to your website typically comes from the hype of social media and traditional marketing these days.  This gets a lot of press from the novelty and immediate gratification of having visitors.  In the old economy, the numbers game worked somewhat because salespeople were afforded attention to educate the buyer and nurtureContinue reading “Losing Your Audience”

Talent Is Required

Marketing Automation requires talent. There is a combination of different disciplines involved in successfully connecting with and nurturing a potential or existing customer. This talent can be part of an existing marketing team or hired via a marketing automation agency. Too many organizations focus on the tools and their feature sets and overlook the mostContinue reading “Talent Is Required”

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