Do They Want to Solve the Problem?

It can be hard to decipher whether people want to truly solve the problem you are thinking. But that first question can save a lot of trouble in projects, relationships and business if you can get what people want. Solving the problem you are thinking matters may not be the priority. In your work withContinue reading “Do They Want to Solve the Problem?”

How to Be a Resource Maven

Today, we have too much information and technology, not too little. And information and tools are cheap and accessible. You can create value for others by curating information and sharing it specifically and personally. Sure, people share on social media, but it gets drowned out and is hard to consider in the scrolling sea ofContinue reading “How to Be a Resource Maven”

Be a Lateral Thinker

When we are buried in the details of our work, it’s hard to look around and see connections to worlds outside ourselves. We can be talking to the same people within our crowd, read the same blogs, and look at the world through a myopic lens. Some of the big ideas of today such asContinue reading “Be a Lateral Thinker”

Collecting and Testing Mental Models

Principles prevail in a world of chaos. Much of life is indeed chaos. I think the importance of collecting and testing your mental models – how you problem solve and approach the world – is critical to drive success. The 80/20 rule can help you focus on what has the best payoffs. Eliminating drain peopleContinue reading “Collecting and Testing Mental Models”

The Strategy of Going with the Winner

There is an irony about free markets that the collective participates in. On the one hand, we have massive choice in many categories. On the other hand, over time, we have a winner-take-all outcome. Over time, people consolidate and choose the best. We don’t have all these phones. We have iPhones. We have Starbucks, NetflixContinue reading “The Strategy of Going with the Winner”

Alignment as a $36M Running Value

The SaaS company WorkBoard announced it closed a Series B round for $23M to total out its fundraising to $36M to date. At this point with their revenues tripling year over year, they have market validation. With more complexity and faster growth, keeping the main thing the main thing is a core business challenge forContinue reading “Alignment as a $36M Running Value”

How to Drive Clarity

Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing? Is the work you have been doing for many years as relevant today, or are you having to unlearn and reinvent? I think that effort and working hard are relatively natural for many driven and successful people that I know. The hard part is theContinue reading “How to Drive Clarity”

The Lucky Fool and Reality

“It manifests itself in the shape of the lucky fool, defined as a person who benefited from a disproportionate share of luck but attributes his success to some other, generally very precise, reason.” – Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Fooled by Randomness If you haven’t read Taleb’s book, he does a masterful job of pointing out how our perceptionsContinue reading “The Lucky Fool and Reality”

Reduce the Handoffs to Increase Efficiency

Every handoff in your business is a failure point. When one person is handling information and moving execution to the next step, often you can get things done without many mistakes or delays. When you have to hand off a lead, support call, requirements, or project task, it’s risk. What if the information is notContinue reading “Reduce the Handoffs to Increase Efficiency”