10 Ways We Manage Projects For Change Management

We work on many types of projects with our clients around the world.  Today’s project management is so much different than before the internet and integrated online software caused the world to move fast…much faster.  Our team takes full advantage of the cloud, and we have an effective approach to how we manage projects.  We thoughtContinue reading “10 Ways We Manage Projects For Change Management”

Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First

It is harder than ever to build trust today, thus, you have to focus on positioning.  Bring value through content first.  How you are perceived by your prospective buyer can be affected by the work or the lack thereof you do before you meet with them.  While many salespeople are trained in outdated ways ofContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First”

The Convenience Factor

We all hate waiting. We have become a nation of snobs as we have increased demands on our time and attention. If I have to get through a complex directory to reach you, guess what? I move on to your competitor who is easier to reach, and I get to solve my problem now. ResponsivenessContinue reading “The Convenience Factor”

Selling By Systems Not By Sweat

There is a story of a mountain village which experienced an unforgiving drought. The condition was deteriorating to the point that a village elders’ meeting was held. They decided to hire two men to solve the problem of bringing water to the village from the valley below where a well existed. The first man gotContinue reading “Selling By Systems Not By Sweat”

When It’s Not Showtime

There was a telling comment made a few years ago by famed NBA basketball star, Allen Iverson. He revealed his perspective about practice, “We’re talking about practice man, we’re not even talking about the game, when it actually matters, we’re talking about practice.” At that time, Iverson was the MVP of the National Basketball Association.Continue reading “When It’s Not Showtime”