Your Business Systems Are the Product

If you are an entrepreneur or investor in a business, it is so critical to heed the advice and framework that Robert Kiyosaki shares in his appeal that systems, not products, need your focus. Simply put, “Money always follows management.” It’s takes a special person to be an effective entrepreneur. There are trade-offs and myriadContinue reading “Your Business Systems Are the Product”

Courting The Customer

It’s delicate. You can’t annoy people and expect them to like you. Pushing ads in people’s faces only creates a repelling effect. You will be ignored. Yet, out of desperation, businesses sell hard today. They see all the shiny new tools available for marketing and abuse the mediums by spamming. Whether it’s web spam, email,Continue reading “Courting The Customer”

Location Is Irrelevant With A Cloud Organization

Some of the teams we implement cloud computing systems for work in one location. Many more are distributed and work all over the country and the world. With Google Apps, for example, a team can be in completely different locations and feel together in one environment. Their collaboration is in real-time and everyone can getContinue reading “Location Is Irrelevant With A Cloud Organization”

Before The Sales Process Begins

The sales process is visual and attractive to manage. It feels like a higher level of control. It is showtime. We are with the prospective customer and get to display our salesmanship. A process helps make this more predictable and fruitful. Otherwise it is random and opportunities are lost. However, if there is overemphasis onContinue reading “Before The Sales Process Begins”

Using Google+ For Support

Google+ is continually being explored for its many use cases. One of the less commented opportunities is to serve your customers with support. Every new customer or prospect can be added to a new circle called “Clients,” “Customers,” or “Support.” You now have a specific area to share knowledge, best practices or anything you wishContinue reading “Using Google+ For Support”

Validation In The Buying Process

The internet changes the game between the buyer and the seller. Second opinions are easy to access for a buyer. Assuming your lead generation systems and marketing automation are set up well, a new lead will be nurtured, scored and engaged when they are ready. There are analytics and systems which work effectively. However, trustContinue reading “Validation In The Buying Process”

There Are Only Markets

“There are no products, there are only markets.” – Peter Drucker, Management Thinker The way we approached things in the past are obsolescing.  How we were educated, the jobs we assumed were there and the businesses which seemed lasting are being eradicated and morphed today.  I believe it is a correction.  With the proliferation of information, cloudContinue reading “There Are Only Markets”

How To Use Evernote For Research

If you are researching for a project, building a business or giving a speech, I cannot think of a better cloud computing software system than Evernote.  Evernote has grown in popularity for good reason.  It captures the essence of cloud computing: Access data from anywhere Input data from anywhere Use any connected device Quick accessContinue reading “How To Use Evernote For Research”

Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier

Marketing automation sets up the salesperson.  It assumes something that traditional sales does not: buyers prefer self-service until they are ready to buy. If you court your buyer too early, you can violate trust.  It is intrusive and unsynced with how they would prefer to move through the process of buying. At some point, aContinue reading “Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier”

5 Reasons Marketing Automation Fails

Marketing automation works.  Engaging and nurturing leads with a real-time, personal process keeps attention, builds trust and wins business.  Our team has built many successful marketing automation systems and campaigns.  It becomes a vital asset to the business of our customers. But, not all marketing automation works.  Typically, a company hears about the promises thatContinue reading “5 Reasons Marketing Automation Fails”