Converting Inbound Leads

The inbound marketing process has failure points.  If your business is set up where marketing generates leads and your sales team aggressively calls, then trust can be compromised with otherwise potential sales opportunities. Inbound marketing has the following conversion points: Visitors: These are a high quantity of people that find you from search or marketingContinue reading “Converting Inbound Leads”

What Matters? Marketing or Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has been growing because marketing in the new economy has changed from a selling process to a buying process.  Marketing Automation Software Guide sent me an article on a new acronym, RPM, or Revenue Performance Management.  There has been millions of dollars already invested in the shorthand for marketing automation.  It’s expensive toContinue reading “What Matters? Marketing or Marketing Automation?”

4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices

Content marketing is critical for winning new business today.  Awareness of your products or services and the required education therein are dependent on buyers finding relevant information.  Your content should prepare a buyer for engaging your sales process.  Naturally, they will want to delay this until they feel ready.  The internet allows buyers an abundantContinue reading “4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices”

Marketing Automation Campaigns To Set Up Your Salesperson

Marketing Automation is the step after you attract a visitor.  It is the nurturing which builds trust with a stranger.  The temptation and illusion which a traditional salesperson finds difficult to resist is selling too early when the buyer is not ready.  Marketing automation helps your buyer become ready for the sales conversation. Old Mindsets PrematureContinue reading “Marketing Automation Campaigns To Set Up Your Salesperson”

Four Brand Marketing Strategies For Your Products And Services

Your brand is far more important than your product or service. How a buyer or customer perceives you in the mind far outweighs what is already expected in your service.  We all expect quality products and great service.  Ask anyone what makes them special and the answer is typically something generic of this sort.  ThereContinue reading “Four Brand Marketing Strategies For Your Products And Services”

Three Inbound Marketing Pieces For Success

Winning today requires an inbound marketing strategy.  Let’s assume you have stopped the insanity and want to help people buy rather than bug them trying to sell them.  Buying works.  Selling is desperation.  Your products and services are more likely than ever to be bought than sold. Here are the three parts of an effectiveContinue reading “Three Inbound Marketing Pieces For Success”

Data Migration Strategies We Use

Data migration is a complex and rigorous process.  There is typically a transition from some kind of system we have to manage for launching a new system. A data migration methodology and best practice has evolved as we have worked on consulting projects to move data.  We wanted to share our approach here.  Each projectContinue reading “Data Migration Strategies We Use”

Bought Not Sold

Most products and services are bought not sold.  The old strategy of building up a sales team is dying.  It is based on the assumption that we need to be sold.  Think about the last dozen items you bought.  Were you sold?  Did the persuasion of a salesperson and their skills become the deciding factor?Continue reading “Bought Not Sold”

CRM Integration In Marketing Automation

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Lauren Carlson, a contributor to the Marketing Automation Software Guide. Arguably the most important value-add of implementing a marketing automation system is the alignment of marketing and sales. By being able to share lead information in real time, you can ensure that you are presenting the bestContinue reading “CRM Integration In Marketing Automation”

Positioning Your Value Far Before The Sale

My judgment of you today will be largely based on what I perceive through your positioning online.  My keyboard is too accessible and it is too convenient to search.  If this is true for everyone, then it only makes sense to have a well-designed presentation of your brand.  There are several parts to your systemContinue reading “Positioning Your Value Far Before The Sale”

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