Reciprocate and Be Happy

One way to be frustrated and unhappy is to keep giving and finding a lack of reciprocation. It can sound noble, but you can also get burned out from a lack of reward which comes naturally through trading. Healthy and fulfilling relationships depend on trading. A vibrant economy comes from efficient trade. Merit and achievementContinue reading “Reciprocate and Be Happy”

3 Ways To Raise Your Value

Just showing up and getting picked is a desperate strategy these days. We used to be able to play the game of being a good boy or girl and do as we were told. Be compliant and your boss, your customers or your friends rewarded you with more or less scripted behaviors. They hired you,Continue reading “3 Ways To Raise Your Value”

Your Buyer And What They Care About

Everyone is not your buyer.  Everyone is not capable of saying, “Yes.”  If you are out there broadcasting a message without targeting it to someone concretely and specifically, then it is not only ineffective but costly.  Your brand will suffer from a lack of focus and connection to your buyer. Here are some steps toContinue reading “Your Buyer And What They Care About”

Selling And Connecting With Industry Words

The words you use should build trust. Buzz words in and of themselves are tempting to use for posing with expertise. I would not advise this. You get found out quickly. If you know your stuff, then the substance behind the words you use will shine through with your mastery of content and communication that reinforces the terms you put forth.

Traders And Builders

The ancient world had a lot of inefficiency with infrastructure.  Transportation and communications allowed for merchants to fill the gap between buyers and sellers.  They were traders.  Goods were purchased, transported and resold.  The margins represented the extra value in acquisition and delivery of goods. The industrial age had newer efficiencies.  However, traders prevailed.  TradersContinue reading “Traders And Builders”

Content Is King

Because of our increasing inattention, hype, fluff and gimmicks only distract buyers today.  Think about how you buy.  You start with some kind of pain.  It takes the form of: Lacking something Needing something Desiring something Pursuing something Before the internet, we were handicapped.  We needed to know our options and companies who could distributeContinue reading “Content Is King”

What You Mean

“It’s not so much what you do, it’s what you mean.” This is from a children’s story, The Railway Children, by E. Nesbit.  Authenticity in intention is what matters.  It is what your buyer is seeking.  They also know it is rare.  Too many businesspeople are automatons in their approach.  They are focused on whatContinue reading “What You Mean”

A Free Cross-Subsidy

If you want something, you tend to buy it these days.  Our economy affords us convenience and luxury for most items.  In the old days, we may have waited for Christmas to get our wishes.  Today, we gratify desires and can buy whenever, wherever. If your buyer has access to material goods, this minimizes theirContinue reading “A Free Cross-Subsidy”