Instead of Complaining Become Better

One of the sobering and honest parts about the marketplace is that you might try any philosophy or approach you like, but it may not work. Your great intention does not necessarily mean that others have to go along. That can be quite a shocking realization for a generation that may have been given andContinue reading “Instead of Complaining Become Better”

Be Productive With Others To Get What You Want

It can feel harsh to accept the common maxims you hear: There is no free lunch. Noone owes you anything. Value for value. However, if you observe these statements happening in reality with human nature, it can be extremely empowering for you personally. You are not spending all your time trying to change the worldContinue reading “Be Productive With Others To Get What You Want”

Focus on the Deal First, Then the Details

I have done many types of deals over the years. I have sold services, created venture opportunities for myself and clients, partnered, started businesses, launched new products and have helped people along the way who needed a little more vision or strategy. I can see deals that others can’t see and can see the myriad ofContinue reading “Focus on the Deal First, Then the Details”

Asymmetry Can Bite You

Have you ever assumed something about someone and been surprised? Assumptions can bite you in the butt pretty fast if you are not careful. I like to be surprised all the time. And I don’t like to make assumptions. One thing I do assume is that any person or opportunity I engage has asymmetry. There isContinue reading “Asymmetry Can Bite You”

The Problem with Infrequency

How do you know the price of something? Ultimately, it’s an agreement between the seller and buyer. You don’t have to pay the price. You could go elsewhere and get what you want cheaper. Or you could forego what you want if it’s not a need. Buyers are at a disadvantage on infrequent items. IfContinue reading “The Problem with Infrequency”

Forget Being Well-Rounded

I see people every day in business lost on what they should or can do. The old rules where you were a good boy or girl and advanced up a ladder doesn’t play out much today. You can’t simply rest on your laurels and hope someone notices enough to develop a career path for you.Continue reading “Forget Being Well-Rounded”

I Want to Grow Opportunities with Apps

I saw this recent statistic to date for number of apps for my Apple devices at 2.2 million and 2.8 million for Google Play! It blows my mind how much technology is available for every average person out there with a thought and a click. We got here fast. When you look at these numbers, doContinue reading “I Want to Grow Opportunities with Apps”

Creativity Not Productivity

We had this age of efficiency and continuous improvement for a long time. When the Japanese were destroying us in the auto industry with better quality cars we buckled down and hyper focused on quality. It worked. ISO standards, Deming Cycles and Six Sigma drove quality to new standards, and we produced a generation ofContinue reading “Creativity Not Productivity”

Use This Leadership To Get Things Done

There are all these productivity systems out there, and I find this one thing is often underestimated. Speed. We don’t live in a world where what comes in is controlled and steady. If you are like the typical knowledge worker, it is absolute chaos on a given business workday with calls, emails, meetings and requests.Continue reading “Use This Leadership To Get Things Done”

Here’s How You Build Trust With Clients

It’s hard living in an imperfect world, especially with people that might expect perfectionism. Perfectionism is not realistic. There are too many variables, players on the field and unrealistic expectations to muddy the waters of doing good business. But, being in the connected human economy affords us the opportunity to work with imperfection and evenContinue reading “Here’s How You Build Trust With Clients”