Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries

Much of old school selling happened on a personal level. Face-to-face meetings and phone calls were common. Prospects gave us attention because we had information which would help them understand something they were unfamiliar with. The new economy is digital. We can self-service on what we need education or orientation on using the internet. BuyingContinue reading “Marketing Automation: Beyond The Boundaries”

Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier

Marketing automation sets up the salesperson.  It assumes something that traditional sales does not: buyers prefer self-service until they are ready to buy. If you court your buyer too early, you can violate trust.  It is intrusive and unsynced with how they would prefer to move through the process of buying. At some point, aContinue reading “Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier”

I Am The Buyer, Sellers Beware

If you call me and I don’t answer because I can see your caller ID, then will you just keep interrupting me?  Will you spam me?  Invade my social media space?  Or worse, call again? We don’t want to be sold.  It’s easy to block all the unwelcome old school techniques.  If you continue toContinue reading “I Am The Buyer, Sellers Beware”

5 Reasons Marketing Automation Fails

Marketing automation works.  Engaging and nurturing leads with a real-time, personal process keeps attention, builds trust and wins business.  Our team has built many successful marketing automation systems and campaigns.  It becomes a vital asset to the business of our customers. But, not all marketing automation works.  Typically, a company hears about the promises thatContinue reading “5 Reasons Marketing Automation Fails”

Converting Inbound Leads

The inbound marketing process has failure points.  If your business is set up where marketing generates leads and your sales team aggressively calls, then trust can be compromised with otherwise potential sales opportunities. Inbound marketing has the following conversion points: Visitors: These are a high quantity of people that find you from search or marketingContinue reading “Converting Inbound Leads”

Fooled By Advertising

Advertising is largely ignored and not trusted as a medium for building a brand.  Existing powerful brands benefit from advertising because there is already trust.  There is a brand connection imprinted on the psyche of millions of customers of Ford, Coke and IBM.  These powerful brands have to advertise to continually keep attention and remindContinue reading “Fooled By Advertising”

Measuring Interest And Intent

When people find you, they have some kind of interest and intent.  They found you because: They were searching for something They saw an interesting link via social media from a friend or contact They were referred by a message You were selling brilliantly Really, when someone finds you, they are looking for something.  YouContinue reading “Measuring Interest And Intent”

Redefining The Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline goes beyond what the salesperson does.  Traditional sales relies heavily on phone or face time with a prospect.  The sales pipeline is then based on opportunities filled with sales activities by a salesperson who has to interrupt enough people and stoke their interest for a future close date.  The sales manager thenContinue reading “Redefining The Sales Pipeline”

Marketing Automation Campaign Designs

Marketing automation relies on a structured approach to avoid the paralysis rampant in complicated environments.  In our marketing automation consulting, we run into complexity too often because there is typically not a clear strategy for how to manage inbound leads.  This can be avoided with a larger picture in mind around campaigns. A marketing automationContinue reading “Marketing Automation Campaign Designs”

Selling Harder Is Old School

Nobody likes to be sold.  We do not like it when we feel the pressure build and a feeling of manipulation from another. Yet, millions of transactions are done despite this dislike.  It largely happens because people are buying.  Every day people buy because they want things when they need them or feel compelled byContinue reading “Selling Harder Is Old School”