Buy Now Is Rare

If I have an urgency or an emergency, I have to buy now.  My need is clear and circumstance prevails.  If you are the seller, you are in a great position. Perhaps your business is built for crisis.  Your buyers’ pain is so high that they have to act now.  Towing services, 911 and rootContinue reading “Buy Now Is Rare”

Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth

Overselling today is a symptom of holding on to what does not work anymore.  Traditional marketing and sales creatively interrupted people.  The message was about talking about how great you and your products or services are.  This is what advertising, direct mail, and sales teams were used for.  Today, it misses the buyer.  They don’tContinue reading “Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth”

Marketing Automation Campaigns To Set Up Your Salesperson

Marketing Automation is the step after you attract a visitor.  It is the nurturing which builds trust with a stranger.  The temptation and illusion which a traditional salesperson finds difficult to resist is selling too early when the buyer is not ready.  Marketing automation helps your buyer become ready for the sales conversation. Old Mindsets PrematureContinue reading “Marketing Automation Campaigns To Set Up Your Salesperson”

Three Inbound Marketing Pieces For Success

Winning today requires an inbound marketing strategy.  Let’s assume you have stopped the insanity and want to help people buy rather than bug them trying to sell them.  Buying works.  Selling is desperation.  Your products and services are more likely than ever to be bought than sold. Here are the three parts of an effectiveContinue reading “Three Inbound Marketing Pieces For Success”

Bought Not Sold

Most products and services are bought not sold.  The old strategy of building up a sales team is dying.  It is based on the assumption that we need to be sold.  Think about the last dozen items you bought.  Were you sold?  Did the persuasion of a salesperson and their skills become the deciding factor?Continue reading “Bought Not Sold”

Business Testimonials: 7 Marketing Tips And Strategies

The most powerful way to win new customers is through the business testimonial.  This is a form of building trust.  It tells the story of how you delivered your products or services and what it means to work with you.  New customers do not know you and are looking for what it will be likeContinue reading “Business Testimonials: 7 Marketing Tips And Strategies”

Buyers Or Friends?

Activity should never be confused with results, and friends should not be confused with buyers.  The intoxication of today’s marketing with social media is reminiscent of the dot com fever years ago. Since when did being popular online become more important than what matters most for a business- revenue?  Being social can feel rewarding, butContinue reading “Buyers Or Friends?”

Losing Your Audience

The battle for clicks to your website typically comes from the hype of social media and traditional marketing these days.  This gets a lot of press from the novelty and immediate gratification of having visitors.  In the old economy, the numbers game worked somewhat because salespeople were afforded attention to educate the buyer and nurtureContinue reading “Losing Your Audience”

The Unseen Buyer

The information age has made things that were previously cumbersome easy. It is easy to get information. It is easy to find out how things work. It is easy to buy. This has shifted the leverage between buyers and sellers. Previously, buyers relied on expert salespeople to provide information about the sophisticated products and servicesContinue reading “The Unseen Buyer”

Conversions And Clicks

Try Googling anyone in your field.  Look at the results and see how similar everyone appears.  This is your buyer’s experience.  They have access to choice from a simple search and start the buying process far before you ever have the opportunity to meet with them. Some companies understand that buying starts with search.  TheyContinue reading “Conversions And Clicks”

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